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Boom barefoot

Boom barefoot

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Waterproof: No
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Gender: Unisex

Custom, foot-shaped
for natural movement, improved foot function, balance, and muscle strength.
Zero-drop sole
for a sensory experience that helps improve your posture.
Flexible Vibram rubber
to reduce the risk of injuries by allowing the foot to move in a more natural way and with great grip.
Leather upper
for durability, breathability, and the ability of the upper to conform to the shape of the foot over time.
Made with digital process
for precise design, simple personalization and comfort tailored to each customer's unique needs.
Lightweight footwear
for reduced fatigue and improved agility.
Minimalistic design
with contemporary lines, intricate details, and following the motto: less is more.
What is the difference between 'Same size' and 'Different sizes' option?
Same size: the same size for both left and right feet. We craft shoes based on the measurements of your larger foot, making the other shoe perfectly the same size.
This option is ideal for those with nearly symmetrical feet mesurment or those who prefer same size shoes regardless of their foot measurements.

Different sizes: ability to set different sizes for the left and right feet. We craft shoes based on the individual measurements of each foot (left and right), ensuring a perfect fit for both feet.
This option provides exceptional comfort and is recommended for those with significantly different foot sizes.

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