Frequently asked questions

What is your return policy?
Our products are customized, however we want you to shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with NoNumber footwear for any reason, you can return it within 30 days of receipt. Please ensure that footwear is unused, in its original packaging, with all accessories included, and in the same condition as you received it. If 30 days have passed, or if the footwear have been used, we cannot offer a refund or exchange.

Buyers that ordered our test pair will benefit from special support and ability to adjust/repaiar/change the footwear as much as needed to get the best fit, comfort and quality.

Where do you ship?
We ship our footwear within the EU and UK. We are planing to ship also in USA and Canada once the test period is over. If you live in another country, please subscribe to our mailing list, and we will notify you if we can ship to your country.

Can I order two different sizes for a single pair of shoes?
Yes, you can. It is not uncommon for people to have feet with different sizes, and we ensure that both feet are well-fitted. In that case choose 'Diffrent sizes' option.

What is the story behind the name 'No Number'?
We want to avoid the commodification of feet and individuals, and instead, appreciate every person. Therefore, we decided to call ourselves 'No Number.'

Where can I find size chart for shoes?
We do not use a size chart as we obtain foot measurements based on 3D scan data.

I received different foot measurements after scanning multiple times. Is there something wrong?
Foot measurements are not constant, and they may vary depending on the time of day. We recommend scanning your feet at the end of the day for the most accurate results. If you have repeated the scan within an hour and still receive different results, please contact us for assistance.

Is NoNumber footwear considered orthopedic footwear?
No, it is not. It is suitable for people with various foot shapes and sizes. It is also beneficial for individuals with standard feet measurements, as it provides a well-fitted experience and can prevent foot pathologies such as hallux valgus. If you have a medical condition, please consult with a medical professional. NoNumber footwear is not a medical device.

When will I get my footwear?
Please note that our delivery takes a bit longer than usual due to the customized production process. However, ordering our footwear ensures a tailored product crafted to your specifications, guaranteeing a good fit and quality that is worth the wait.

Expected delivery times are published by each model.

Is NoNumber footwear considered barefoot?
Yes. NoNumber is considered barefoot footwear due to its zero-drop, thin, flexible sole and lightweight construction. Footwear is not just foot shapede to any feet, it is foot-shaped to your feet.

What is the difference between 'Same size' and 'Different sizes' option?
 Same size: 
the same size for both left and right feet. We craft shoes based on the measurements of your larger foot, making the other shoe perfectly the same size.
This option is ideal for those with nearly symmetrical feet mesurment or those who prefer same size shoes regardless of their foot measurements.

Different sizes: ability to set different sizes for the left and right feet. We craft shoes based on the individual measurements of each foot (left and right), ensuring a perfect fit for both feet.
This option provides exceptional comfort and is recommended for those with significantly different foot sizes.

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