Our mission

We address the issue of ill-fitted, ready-to-wear footwear. By blending our advanced fitting know-how, adjusted production process and Volumental's 3D scanning technology with passion for the barefoot movement, we craft made-to-measure footwear that fits perfectly to your feet.


We are Petra Kladnik, a lawyer who became and enterprenur; Aleš Kacin, arhitect who crafts shoes and Metod Burgar, industrial designer.

We bring together experties from diverse backgrounds, passion for innovation and love for footwear.


NoNumber Footwear is designed and prototyped in the heart of the shoemaking tradition in Slovenia's Žiri Valley.

The region has a rich history of craftsmanship and expertise in leatherworking.

We work closely with Alojz Karner shoemaking workshop, where skilled artisan Aleš Kacin marks NoNumber footwear with his signature.


NoNumber project originated in 2021. In 2022, we started prototyping, and in April 2023, we introduced our initial model, Black Tiger, developed using Volumental's scanner, at Milan Design Week.

By September 2023, we successfully crafted our first model, named MAP, using data from Volumental's mobile app.

In November 2023, we proudly launched Boom: a test model embracing the barefoot concept, which will continue to be commercially available in 2024.