METOD BURGAR, industrial designer


High technology enthusiast, yet again and again impressed by craft and tradition.


He is constantly solving design problems with the aim to offer a better user experience or a better experience for the environment or production process at least in one segment.

Metod Burgar



Such a pioneering spirit that she exchanged her work in court and eight years of work in the companys' law office for leadership of a start-up team.


There is no contract, business plan or memorandum of association that would stop her on the way to make an innovative product see the light of day in the market.

Petra Kladnik

ALEŠ KACIN, architect


Inspired by family craftsmanship and local shoemaking tradition, he makes bespoke shoes in his own boutique workshop.


The shoemaking process is complemented with modern technology and understanding of customer's needs.


Aleš Kacin



We are an interdisciplinary team of three: An industrial designer, an architect working as a shoemaker and a a lawyer. We are No Number team. Team is mandated by company Poplars, Petra Kladnik, s.p., legal entity with subjectivity, owned by one of the team member. We operate in Slovenia and are able to use infrastructure of Alojz Karner workshop in Žiri, owned by one of the team member.


The diversity of our experiences, devotion to the project, clear business structure, and basic shoemaking infrastructure gives the No Number team the ability to develop the project from an early creative conceptual design to the final market entry and growth possibility.